9 Reasons Why MSU is #1

  1. The coaches –Not only has Dantonio led MSU to 3 big Ten Conference championships but Izzo is the coach with the most wins in school history! Need we say more?
  2. Sparty himself – Being crowned a 3 time national championship mascot is a pretty big deal, plus he is super buff. After all he is a Grecian warrior known for his strength and power. He also makes for some really awesome jewelry. (Hint: check out our collection)
  3. Green & White – They just mix so well together.
  4. Spartans are everywhere – The community of Spartans is enormous. Everywhere you look someone went to MSU, alumni groups are everywhere, and I mean literally everywhere. That is including, but not limited to, Hong Kong.
  5. Campus is gorgeous – We aren’t exaggerating. Walking through campus in the fall, with the changing leaves, and the sound of the red cedar river in the background really brings peace to a stressed out college student.
  6. The traditions – When the Marching Band guards the Spartan Statue before the big game vs. Michigan, you know tradition runs deep in Spartan veins.
  7. The Cyclotron (AKA that really cool building on campus) – Working with the U.S. department of energy, MSU is conducting rare isotope research (whatever that means). Now that’s bad a**.
  8. Yummy eats – The ice cream from the dairy store tastes like it’s made from angelic cows. Thank goodness for the long walks to and from the dairy store, or I know a lot of Spartans (including myself) who would have gained a lot more than the freshman 15.
  9. Education – MSU is in the top 8% of universities in the U.S. SO when you get that acceptance letter, be proud!


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